​[Come on down, we love you already]​​

​Tuesday-Saturday          noon - 10:00 pm
​Sunday Brunch               noon - 4:00 pm

​Closed Mondays and most holidays.  Family first, y'all. 

We are BYOB                  
​[Beer, Bottles, Bubbles, Booze, Booyah]​​

Please bring whatever adult libations you desire (but please behave like your mama taught you).  Sunday Brunch is BYOV (vodka)​ friendly and Chef Tom whips up some mighty tasty bottomless mixers!  

​​The closest beer / wine run is the Walgreens on Chicago & N. Orleans (until 10:00 pm).  If you prefer the hard stuff, there's a 24 hour Dominick's on Division & N. Orleans, or the Galleria Market on Superior and N. Orleans.

BOCB (Bring Our Chefs ​​Booze, wink wink)  Our chefs like the simple stuff:  PBR, Coors Light, Budweiser (and maybe a little Jack Daniels from time-to-time).   

​​Credit Cards                                                                               
[Cash is king]


​​​​​Reservations                                                                              ​
​[i.e. something that is kept back or withheld]

​Sorry, y'all, like Anthony Bourdain, we have no reservations. 

​​Large Parties                                                                              
​[We get it, we love to partayyyy]

​​BadBappy is a cozy joint, but we do everything we can to accommodate everybody.  If you would like to book the restaurant for a private party or during off-hours,  call us or or shoot us an email.

[For y'all who motor]​

​There is ample street parking available, most of it is free on Orleans, but read signs carefully on Oak. 


The Triple-Double Challenge                                                  
[You can do it]

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Take down a triple BadHappy Sauce Burger (18 oz), two full poutines, and a milkshake (12 oz) in 30 minutes or less.  

If you complete the challenge (and 9 guys have so far)​​, the meal is free and you get a BadHappy t-shirt and a sticker on the wall of fame.  If you don't finish it in time, you gotta pay $30 and walk it off.  

The BadHappy Battle: Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves
​[Ladies, we love you! Men/Man is used for Highlander purposes only]

​Challenge a friend, or the reigning champion to The BadHappy Battle. It's like the Triple-Double Challenge, but the loser pays for both meals,and the  winner gets much applause, a t-shirt, a spot on the wall, and continues their rein until knocked out by another challenger.

Talk to us.  Keep in touch​​                                                         
[​Reach out and touch someone]

We love you guys, that's why we do what we do.  Please chat up our staff, talk to the chefs, give us your feedback, share your jokes, thoughts, dreams, and desires.   Like your folks say, we just want y'all to be happy (ahem, BadHappy).  Mwah! 

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